RemoveMalware Saved Our Website From A Hacking Attack

I just wanted to let you know that our site was hacked a few weeks ago. If you have ever been through this drama,  let me tell you that it is a horrible experience. Many of our visitors were redirected to adult websites (which we are really so sorry about). We contacted they are the leading WordPress malware removal experts. They worked hard and removed all of the malware on our site. They also strengthened our website so we don’t get hacked again. I just wanted to write this short article about them to let all of the other website owners know.

These guys are the real deal. We paid only $100 (no recurring fees). The funny thing is our hosting company tried to get us to sign up for a monthly fee of $14.99 so we don’t get hacked. I think they are running a scam or something. Why should I have to pay monthly for something I can pay a one time fee and then not think about it?  Hopefully, this information was helpful and if you get hacked you know exactly who to call.